Saltwater crocodiles really are generally a protected species within Australia's Northern Territories but they will are extremely prized with regard to their own skins, which usually in many cases are used for luxury handbags and also shoes.

Anyone caught killing one of your animals could deal with the fine regarding as a lot as 36,000 or five-years in prison.

The 3 boys, Mitchell Morris, Jacob Lawler and Zac, almost all 13, produced the actual discovery as they were cycling inside the bushland after they caught wind in the "unbearable" stench.

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Australia could reintroduce prize hunting involving crocodiles

"I fell off my bike seeking in order to spew," Jacob advised NT News.

NT Wildlife rangers possess launched an investigation in for you to the mysterious heads, however admit they may possibly be puzzled by the discovery as the heads - most associated with which are hatchlings - are not large sufficient to be worth anything.

As many as 70 Saltwater crocodile heads were located in the abandoned freezer close to within the small city within Australia's Northern Territories.

The boys reported the fast decomposing find to be able to nearby police who informed Northern Territories Parks and Wildlife.

The dead animal flesh ended up being destroyed by simply authorities in Monday.